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Is your hearing at risk?

Anglian Hearing Healthcare have always been concerned with how we conserve our auditory health. In addition to providing all types of custom moulded hearing protection for all applications, we have also been leaders in the UK in driving development in how we undertake conservation hearing programs.

Traditional approaches to hearing protection are often fragmented and use techniques that have remained unchanged for decades. Often the protective devices provided are sourced by a different organisation to those who offer the hearing surveillance checks.

Hearing tests offered to regularly check your hearing and ensure it is not being damaged, either at work or in leisure environments have not really altered since the first half of the last century and fail to highlight early enough damage to our very vulnerable sense of hearing. Anglian Hearing Healthcare have been the first in the UK to recognise failings in the traditional approach hearing healthcare and our own research and that of our overseas colleagues enable us to provide and educate others to offer the very best in effective and cohesive hearing conservation programs.

We are working with other experts from around the world in the global development of hearing conservation initiatives. At Anglian Hearing Healthcare we are focused on maintaining good and healthy hearing for people who are exposed to situations that are proven to cause hearing loss including loud music, motorsport, machinery and environmental noise.

For many years Anglian Hearing Healthcare has recognised the need to evolve every aspect of hearing conservation procedures, and our work in Motorsport and Formula One with individuals like Jenson Button and Mark Webber has helped our practice lead the UK in developing technologies to achieve this. Along with our colleagues we strive to improve hearing conservation in all countries around the world.

Guidelines for UK musicians

Following decades of work on developing effective strategies to prevent noise induced hearing conditions. Rob Shepheard is the lead author of the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) guidance on best practice hearing conservation for all performers.

“Employing the research I undertook with Formula 1, industry and musicians over the years along with colleague Dr. Finola Ryan,  we have written recommendations that will genuinely better prevent this completely avoidable injury to the health of all performers. In comparison to the traditional approach which often does not work to fully prevent noise induced hearing loss, is not cost-effective and only serves to be an exercise in regulatory compliance. These recommendations offer information to individual musicians and organisations on complete, effective hearing conservation programs.”

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Please get in touch with any questions you may have regarding prevention of auditory injury and how we can help to create a hearing conservation program specifically for your needs.

Best Practice, Effective Hearing Conservation

Noise – Assess the risk thoroughly. Use tools such as SoundEar to visualise noise levels, Dosebadges to measure individual exposure and HC-Risk Profile to calculate the risk of severe hearing loss.

Hearing protection – select appropriate hearing protection that complies with rules and regulations as well as health and hygiene criteria. Verify on a regular basis that the fit and level of protection the PPE offers, remains sufficient.

Hearing – use of the OHC-Scan to detect and monitor hearing damage at the very earliest stage. DO NOT rely on the traditional hearing test to catalogue a gradual reduction in hearing once it is too late.

Behaviour – training to focus individuals on the risks of hearing damage.

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