Product Description

HS 100 LR
Stereo headphones with powerful and
dynamic sound quality

■ Separate volume control on the right and left.
■ High-quality, soft padding offers wearing comfort and reduced
ambient sounds.
■ Robust design.
■ Headphone size ca be adjusted to your individual needs for long
music listening enjoyment.
■ The earphones can be rotated and can be folded together to lie
flat for easier storage.
■ 1.2 m cable, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
■ Including additional audio extension cable (3.10 m).

■ Range of frequency: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
■ Max. input power: 1000 mW
■ Sensitivity: 106 dB
■ Headphone: approx. 160 x 70 x 185 mm –
approx. 140 g
COLOUR: blue